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Genazzano FCJ College

Fidelity Courage Confidence

Genazzano FCJ College is proud to be celebrating 130 years of history within Catholic education. We highly value our past and present students, our inspiring educators and our College community. Together as educators and parents, we work to create a learning environment enriched by the traditions of the Catholic faith and the Ignatian heritage of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus.

Ours is a College where intellectual pursuits flourish in a climate of excellence and enquiry. We are a community of faith; inspiring a passion for life, a love of learning and the courage and confidence to lead and serve others.

Our vision encourages our students from ELC to VCE to approach life with optimism, to be creative learners looking for ways to contribute to society, and to be actively engaged with issues of social justice. Our co-educational three and four year old Early Learning Centre (ELC) instils in our young girls and boys the joys of learning and discovery.

Our all-girls environment from Prep to Year 12 enables each student to take intellectual risks and focus on achieving personal success across a wide range of subjects and pursuits which include: an extensive curriculum, quality religious education, diverse co-curricular activities, and social justice programs.
Genazzano celebrates difference and diversity, and is a non-selective entry school. The College aims to promote inclusion and provide every student with the chance to build upon their strengths, whatever their background.

Genazzano remains Victoria's only Catholic girls' boarding school, with a long and proud history educating and nurturing the wellbeing of our students for well over a century. Boarding offers students a wide variety of positive and significant opportunities for personal growth and wellbeing.

Genazzano has an aspiration towards excellence and works to motivate young women to challenge their potential and strive for greatness.


The learning and teaching programs at Genazzano are designed to offer students opportunities to grow, develop and excel. Students are encouraged to dream large, be confident in all that they do and allow their passion for learning to grow and develop at every opportunity.

Genazzano is renowned for providing a wide variety of opportunities. Academically, musically and recreationally, Genazzano offers a rounded education that prepares students to become resilient, adaptable and confident young women.

The curriculum and wellbeing models offered are thoroughly researched and designed to suit the learning needs of every individual student, to create an engaging and immersive learning environment.

Genazzano is home to an outstanding Co-curricular Program, comprising well over 100 activities and offering students unique opportunities across many expert fields - music, sport and interest-based activities which include public speaking, debating, writing, liturgy, social justice and academic clubs. The College has a rich musical and choral tradition and with more than 30 music ensembles, students can discover the joy of music by learning an instrument of their choice.

Genazzano also has a rich history of sport, with many students becoming proficient athletes in swimming, athletics, tennis and netball. The College is also proud to be celebrating more than 30 years of Rowing.


Our exceptional facilities are surrounded by beautiful park-like gardens, expansive green lawns and beautifully landscaped grounds which collectively work to immerse students in a unique and inspiring learning environment. Our students are located on a single campus which offers both Primary and Secondary students easy access to specialised facilities.

Genazzano places significant emphasis on our learning environment - glass panelled walls bring the outside world in and open spaces create collegial learning experiences. There are areas for quiet times and listening, and integrated spaces that facilitate social relationships and collaboration.

The historic Wardell Building is the heart of Genazzano and houses the College's main reception, admin and staff offices, class rooms and the College Chapel. Designed by celebrated 19th century architect William Wardell, the building is a spectacular example of Gothic Revivalism and a Melbourne landmark.

The d’Houet Building features a library and technology facilities, state-of-the-art science laboratories, a careers centre, classrooms and the Performance Psychology Centre.

The light-filled and charming Grange Hill Building supports the rich and varied curriculum for the ELC and Early Years. A stunning central library interfaces with communal piazzas and outdoor areas where students have the opportunity to build, research and reflect.
The All Hallows campus provides a unique and immersive experience for Year 9 students, featuring its own hall, science labs, library, sports facilities and landscaped grounds.

The Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts is a superb 450–seat venue complete with orchestra pit, classrooms, tuition rooms, exhibition spaces, catering facilities and much more.

The sporting facilities at Genazzano are of the highest quality and include state-of-the-art tennis courts, Centenary Hall which features a full gymnasium, heated indoor swimming pool, sports oval and extensive grounds, the College’s sporting facilities enable students to develop their skills in inspiring surroundings.


Genazzano remains Victoria's only Catholic girls' boarding school. Boarding offers students a wide variety of positive and significant opportunities for personal growth and wellbeing.

Genazzano accepts students from Year 7 upwards at Hopetoun Hall, which is home for our boarders; a safe and welcoming place where all girls enjoy a friendly community life in an environment conducive to study. Dedicated and professional staff are committed to providing quality care for all boarders, while supporting them in all aspects of their educational journey. Hopetoun Hall boarders are well represented within the College in leadership roles and as recipients of academic honours, sports and performance awards.

The academic benefits of boarding include the strong and close support of teachers and peers. Within Hopetoun Hall, boarders are involved in social activities, study routines and specific educational programs, including tutoring support. There is a very strong learning culture that supports all boarders; students often spend time studying in groups, encouraging and championing each other.

Boarders are responsible for organising themselves and managing their time at their home away from home. These responsibilities assist in the development of a range of independent life skills and prepare the girls for life beyond the gates of the College. During their time as boarders, girls are provided with many opportunities to immerse themselves in co-curricular activities such as music, creative arts and sport, as well as College and broader community focuses. Boarders are encouraged to participate socially in personal and group events, including friend/family celebrations and group excursions.

Our Boarders enjoy many valuable experiences during their time at Genazzano, including the development of lifelong friendships. They leave as independent, confident and caring young women with an aspiration towards excellence and motivation to challenge their potential and strive for greatness.

Companionship, Social Justice & Wellbeing

Genazzano’s Companionship Program provides a vehicle for students to connect with members of the wider community, to offer them assistance and gain a deeper appreciation of their needs.

Companionship is central to the FCJ philosophy of education, being expressed through faithfulness, gentleness and respect. In the Ignatian tradition, the College encourages students to “find God in all things”.
Social justice is more than a series of programs designed to create awareness and understanding of broader community issues. It is a reflection of the students’ desire to contribute, share the values of their faith and make a difference to the world in which they live.

Genazzano’s innovative Performance Psychology Centre employs world’s best practice to promote wellness, resilience, development and optimal functioning.
The College’s GenStar Program, supports the Genazzano vision and mission to promote the ‘whole person’. Focused on building resilience, thinking for peak performance and promoting a safe and healthy approach to life, the program is underpinned by extensive theory and research.
Regular national and overseas tours offer students a broad range of immersive opportunities through language and cultural experiences, as well as creative arts, music and international sporting tours.

Why Choose Genazzano?

Genazzano's academic results are testament to the professionalism, expertise, care and dedication of our teachers, alongside the motivation of our students.

Our VCE Class of 2018 received outstanding results, with a median VCE Study Score of 35 placing Genazzano within the top schools in the state. Our Dux received an ATAR score of 99.95, and of the 137 VCE students, 99.26% were offered tertiary places.

Genazzano recognises that students learn in different ways. In an all-female classroom from Prep to Year 12, girls develop the confidence to take risks necessary for genuine achievement. Research tells us that students in all-girls’ schools achieve significantly stronger results than any other group in Australia. Genazzano specialises in girls’ education and provides an environment to inspire and nurture your daughter’s learning, to help her excel whilst being motivated and supported by a highly qualified teaching body.

Role modelling in a girls’ school is a natural occurrence and every Genazzano student benefits from seeing in the older girls the kind of young woman that she will become.

Young women that attend a girls' schools enjoy not only equal opportunity, but every opportunity. In an all-girl classroom, students are confident to participate, influence, assist and lead. Using an approach that recognises gender differences enables girls to live up to their full potential and feel comfortable being themselves.

Within all an all-girls school, young women’s achievements are celebrated in a supportive environment. There is a greater sense of connectedness as girls learn to listen and accept others' points of view, as well as being encouraged to feel comfortable within themselves and develop their own perspectives.

Students are encouraged to explore a career in any area, as Genazzano aims to identify the capacity of each girl and encourage her to set her sights ever higher.

Genazzano FCJ College

301 Cotham Road
Kew, VIC 3101
Phone: 03 8862 1000
Fax: 03 8862 1133



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Key Details:

  • Type: Catholic
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Girls
  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Boarding: Yes
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Early Learning: Yes
  • International Students: Yes


Our Open Morning information sessions provide an opportunity to hear from our Principal, partake in a student-guided tour of the College and speak with senior staff and students.
Register online at:
Book A Tour | Genazzano

Or contact the College Registrar via: College Registrar 
or Tel: +61 3 8861 1000.

Please visit:
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