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St Joseph's Nudgee College

About St Joseph's Nudgee College

More than 1590 boys and young men from Years 5 to 12 call St Joseph’s Nudgee College their school. For over 260 of these students it is also their home as boarders.

Nudgee College holds a special place within Catholic education both within the state of Queensland, across the nation and beyond our shores. We have a grand reputation that has been built by successive generations of students, Christian Brothers, staff, parents, Old Boys, and community members over the last 128 years. Not only do we celebrate this rich history, the current generation of students, staff and families seeks to build upon it.

This is achieved on a daily basis by students who are taught, cared for and challenged by teachers who want the best for each student. The holistic education, personal development and wellbeing of each student remains the key focus of the College. At Nudgee College, we offer a rich diversity of educational opportunities - in the classroom, in sport, in cultural pursuits and activities - as well as in faith development and social justice initiatives.

We have a campus of 136 hectares with a range of facilities that provide an engaging environment to learn, to grow and to be challenged.

As a leading Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, the culture and values of the College are shaped and influenced by the Touchstones of inclusive community, gospel spirituality, liberating education, as well as justice and solidarity. These Touchstones are expressed in practical ways by those within our community, as well as being shared with others beyond the College.

At Nudgee College we strive to develop young men of big hearts and good character. Ultimately, Nudgee College boys are called to live out our College motto ‘Signum Fidei,’ to be ‘a sign of faith’ to all.

Boarding at Nudgee College

Nudgee College Boarding provides boys with valuable opportunities to develop personal qualities such as independence, resilience, confidence, and respect. The recently completed Bathersby Boarding Village brings together all four Boarding Houses. Housed with state of the art living quarters and a beautiful, large central courtyard space for social gatherings, it is a home away from home, a place of safety and security, fun and friendship. We are proud to provide our boys with a wonderful environment to learn, explore and engage with their learning setting.

Learning and Teaching

Nudgee College offers students a diverse range of subjects delivered through the Habits of Mind framework, along with a focus on 21st century skills. The Habits of Mind and 21st century skills do not displace the agreed upon standards of learning developed and adopted by the College but rather complement it. Regardless of the content of a subject, our boys are encouraged, and taught to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, to create and innovate, and to be able to communicate and collaborate - these are the skills required of them to succeed in life.

As a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) College, we have implemented technology to enhance and improve student learning, while explicitly instructing students on how to be critical consumers and producers of information; to be responsible digital citizens. Every student at Nudgee College is catered for through the rich and diverse nature of our subject offerings, our state of the art learning facilities, our Learning Support Department, our Enrichment Program, and the various awards of recognition of achievement.

Student Formation

Our goal is the formation of young men into gentlemen, who are prepared for leadership. Student Formation is a program designed to move well beyond the concept of Pastoral Care. At its core, the formation strives to develop the ‘Signum Fidei graduate’ - a young man who through his actions is a sign of faith to the world. The formation program is a longitudinal curriculum initiative that endeavours to open doors to understandings in some of the critical and complex aspects of adolescence. This initiative is designed to promote a positive attitude, a belief in one’s own abilities and talent, and an outlook that is resilient and has courage, challenge and persistence as fundamental foundations.

Nudgee College establishes a welcoming atmosphere for every student, and aims to be a community that engages in partnerships where each person is empowered and enriched. Through a formal and informal program of student formation Nudgee College strives to provide a school where students feel cared for, valued and happy.

Identity and Social Justice

The faith life of Nudgee College is one that aims to provide a foundation for community members to become a Sign of Faith in the world. Students, staff and parents are challenged to answer the call of Jesus and walk in the footsteps of Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers. The service, solidarity and advocacy programs of Nudgee College are integral to the College’s identity as a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition. Our programs aim to be more than charitable good words; a deeper level of understanding is found in the move from charity to service. The College community works closely with community agencies and often responds to specific needs that arise in the wider community.


The College is a member of the Queensland Greater Public Schools (GPS) Association. The GPS Association of Queensland Incorporated aims to provide a healthy and social opportunity for large numbers of boys to take part in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities. These include Cricket, Debating, Rowing, Swimming, Volleyball, Cross Country (Athletics), Football, Tennis, Basketball, Chess, Rugby, and Track and Field (Athletics). There are many other clubs and teams that students can be part of at Nudgee College, including Theatresports, various music ensembles and bands, Cattle Club, and Robotics.

St Joseph's Nudgee College

2199 Sandgate Road
Boondall, QLD 4034
Phone: 07 3865 0555
Fax: 07 3865 0500



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Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Boys
  • Religious Affiliation: Catholic
  • Boarding: Yes
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Indigenous Education: Yes
  • International Students: Yes
  • Agricultural School: Yes
  • Trade School: Yes


Learning & Teaching Video
Learning & Teaching @Nudgee - YouTube

Open Day 2023  Our Learning & Teaching Video
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St Joseph's Nudgee College | Open Day 2023

Regional Tours
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Features of Nudgee College include:

  • Boarding from Years 5 to 12
  • Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition
  • Extensive social justice program
  • Enrichment Program
  • Vocational Education Program
  • Member of Queensland GPS
  • World class academic and sporting facilities
  • College owned bus fleet
  • 136 ha suburban property
  • Established in 1891

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