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Loreto College Coorparoo

415 Cavendish Road
Coorparoo, QLD 4151
Tel: 07 3394 9999
Fax: 07 3847 1254

Key Details
Type: Catholic
Level: Secondary
Gender: Girls
Religious Affiliation: Catholic
Learning Extension: Yes

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Loreto College Coorparoo

Loreto College Coorparoo is a Religious Institute Catholic secondary school for girls providing a comprehensive education from Years 7 to 12.

The College was founded by the Loreto Sisters in 1928 and is one of seven Loreto schools across Australia. Loreto College belongs to a global network of more than 150 schools, established since 1609, in the Mary Ward tradition of excellence for girls in education. Loreto College draws inspiration from Mary Ward’s belief, “that women in time to come will do much”.

The vision at Loreto College Coorparoo is to offer a Catholic education which liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service.

We want students to experience Loreto College Coorparoo as a place of joy, beauty, kindness, goodness, peace, love and laughter; a place of welcome and belonging; a place of giving and sharing; a place of nourishment and challenge; a place where the achievements of all are encouraged and celebrated without envy; a place that enriches, offers broad experiences, develops potential and engenders a desire for lifelong learning.

When young women leave Loreto College Coorparoo, we want them to be discerning, to value reflection, silence and beauty. We want this so that they can confidently transcend society’s often stereotypical demands.

Mission & Ethos

At Loreto College Coorparoo we seek to embrace each moment and to do so with grateful hearts. There is a huge richness in the ordinary moments we encounter daily. To see holiness, God’s presence, is to be utterly present and open to the awe and wonder of life and creation. This Holy disposition promotes a love of self, a love of others and a love of all things: it gives rise to Felicity and promotes inner Freedom; it demands that we act with Sincerity and that we strive for Verity; and it compels us to seek Justice in all its forms. These are the five imperatives of a Loreto College Coorparoo education. They guide us and define us.

• Felicity: to be people of joy, optimism, hope and laughter;
• Freedom: we are called to act out of “love not fear”; we are inwardly free to refer all things to God;
• Sincerity: “to be such as we appear and appear such as we are”;
• Verity: to seek and find the truth about ourselves and our God; to do what we have to do well;
• Justice: to act justly, to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God. “Those to whom much is given much is expected.”

Pastoral Care

A primary concern at Loreto College Coorparoo is that each student feels part of the community and has the best possible opportunity for personal, academic, social and spiritual growth.

Students are divided into homeroom groups with at least two teachers who have a particular care for their welfare. Year Coordinators have overall responsibility at each level and work with homeroom teachers, the Loreto College Coorparoo Counsellor, Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Principal to monitor the well-being and support needs of students. Particular attention is paid to students as they first enter the Loreto community to ensure they are supported as they develop a sense of belonging and connectedness.

A coordinated Personal Development program caters for different levels of maturity and the range of student interests and needs. Topics such as study skills, decision-making, drug and alcohol education, personal values and sex education, as well as strategies to enhance resilience and social competence are all addressed within this program.

Students at Loreto College Coorparoo are encouraged to treat each other with courtesy and respect and to be attentive to the needs and feelings of others. A high standard of behaviour, reflective of these values, is expected both within and outside the school, in face-to-face and online interactions. There are many opportunities for students to contribute, to become involved and to be affirmed for their efforts and achievements. It is our hope that each girl feels valued and connected within the Loreto College Coorparoo community, free to discover and express her hidden self.

Curriculum & Learning

The academic curriculum at Loreto College Coorparoo is characterised by breadth and depth in its subject offerings. Junior secondary students study a wide range of disciplines, some as core and others as electives. In the senior years both Queensland Studies Authority subjects and Authority Registered subjects are offered. The curriculum offerings are regularly reviewed to ensure their appropriateness and their contemporary relevance. The extensive range of subjects currently available is listed on the Loreto College Coorparoo website.

Student learning is enhanced through the use of a variety of teaching methods and learning experiences, and the provision of a broad range of resources, including excellent computer facilities. Classes at Loreto College Coorparoo are not streamed and Learning Support teaching staff provides extension opportunities or extra assistance for students as required. Each student is encouraged to do her best in an atmosphere where academic excellence is valued and love of learning nurtured. An Enrichment Program is taught in the senior years at Loreto College Coorparoo that complements the academic curriculum and it includes elements such community service, self-protection, work experience and work readiness.

Loreto College Coorparoo uses pedagogies and technologies appropriate for the 21st century. The College campus is covered by a wireless network, all classrooms are complete with data projectors and speaker systems and students have access to email as well as generous data storage on secure College servers. Up to date and industry standard software packages are provided to all students on their laptops. Through the use of technology we are able to maximise the flexibility and creativity of the learning environment thus ensuring Loreto College Coorparoo students are able to participate effectively in a rapidly changing digital world.


At Loreto College Coorparoo your daughter is encouraged to realise her potential. Every girl is valued for her individuality and is awarded diverse co-curricular opportunities which complement the College’s curriculum and nurtures the girls’ talents. All students are encouraged to participate in our co-curricular program which provides opportunities in a wide range of activities including culture, the Arts, sport, community, mission and social areas.

Loreto College Coorparoo has a strong commitment to the teaching and learning of Performing Arts. Students are presented with opportunities to explore the Arts via music, choir, ensemble groups, debating, public speaking, drama clubs, eisteddfods and stage musicals. Performing Arts also provide opportunities for the girls to participate with boys from neighbouring Catholic schools in co-productions and performances.

Through the Instrumental Music Program students have a chance to participate in ensembles which are often invited to perform within Loreto College Coorparoo or the local community. Private Music tuition is available in a wide range of instruments and a number of Musical Scholarships are offered each year.

Loreto has a rich tradition of virtuous sportsmanship and the College boasts first class sporting facilities including a 25m swimming pool, Deshon oval, multipurpose Mary Ward Centre, tennis and netball courts. Loreto College Coorparoo is involved in the Catholic School Girls’ Secondary Schools’ Sporting Association (CSGSSA) and Brisbane School Girls’ Secondary Schools’ Sporting Association (BSGSSA) competitions in Swimming, Tennis, Cross Country, Athletics, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Softball, Hockey and Touch.

In coming together with the community, students’ relationships are strengthened through service and acts of mission. More specifically, Loreto College Coorparoo community raises funds for Mary Ward International, the Loreto Sisters’ justice and development program which supports missions of education, community development, health, social justice advocacy and counselling for economically disadvantaged and marginalised people.



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