Northholm Grammar School


In 1983, Northholm began with a vision of a small, caring school which would foster the worth of the individual, encourage academic excellence and promote Christian values. It was to be a family centred school which looked upon its students, parents and staff as part of a community striving for a common goal.

Today, in 2011, Northholm Grammar School has grown in terms of our enrolments (maximum of 650) and educational program, but the spirit of community and the caring nature of the school have endured as its most distinguishing features.


The education philosophy at Northholm Grammar School is underpinned by the belief that every child is born with the capacity to learn and achieve. As such, our responsibility as educators is to inspire each child to achieve his or her personal best.

To accomplish this Northholm Grammar School has implemented a range of strategies that recognise and support the different needs and capacities of the students in our care.

The junior school at Northholm Grammar School encourages students to become independent learners with the confidence to explore their own potential.

The middle school aims to develop the self-esteem of students, foster student engagement in learning, and empower students to become effective and independent learners.

The senior school at Northholm Grammar School encourages students to prepare for a range of post school options by assuming greater responsbility for their learning.


Northholm Grammar School is known for its commitment to a "modesty of scale" enables our teachers to build positive relationships with both students and their families based on a sound understanding of each student's needs and abilities.

The teachers and students at Northholm Grammar School enjoy the advantages of small class sizes. In the junior years there is a maximum of 20 students per class. This increases to a maximum of 25 in the middle and senior years.

As a non-selective school, our students consistently perform above the state average in state-wide and national testing.


Northholm Grammar School seeks to bring our students to an understanding of the Christian faith and the personal integrity it implies, through what we do in our teaching and learning, in our discipline and pastoral care, in our co-curricular program and in our dealings with the wider community.

We recognise that in an increasingly complex world young people need support in making sense of the world they will inherit. Now more than ever they need guidance in finding the personal interests and passions that will give their lives purpose.

At Northholm Grammar School, this guidance is provided through a variety of programs that foster the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social development of all students.

This holistic approach to educating our students builds their self-knowledge and personal strengths in ways that allow them to embrace life with a sense of optimism.


The co-curricular program at Northholm Grammar School includes a diverse creative and performing arts program, an extensive agriculture program and an impressive record of success in a range of sports. Students also participate in a range of leadership and community service initiatives.

A number of Clubs operate either after school or during lunch time. They currently include: Poultry Club, Green Thumbs, Cattle Club, Science Club, Photography, Pottery and Just for Girls.

At Northholm Grammar School we aim to develop young people who are resilient, who make good decisions and who accept responsibility for their actions and decisions. This is achieved through our outdoor education program and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.


Northholm Grammar School enjoys the benefits of a tranquil, semi-rural 10 hectare setting away from traffic noise and urban pollution.

We are fortunate to have facilities including:
air conditioned classrooms, an extensive computer network, science laboratories, specialist music centre, library and information centre, art centre, design and technology centre, drama studio, working farm, multipurpose gymnasium, extensive playing fields and outdoor courts, natural bushland for cross-country and outdoor pursuits.

While enjoying the benefits of our facilities, Northholm Grammar School are aware of our global responsibility and are actively promoting practices that will reduce our institutional carbon footprint and encourage our students to develop more sustainable living habits.

Northholm attracts students from the Hills District, Upper North Shore and Hawkesbury Valley.

Northholm Grammar School

79 Cobah Road
Arcadia, NSW 2159
Phone: 02 9656 2000
Fax: 02 9656 1512


Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Combined
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Inter-Denominational
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Agricultural School: Yes



Tuesday March 15   (Fully Booked)
Tuesday June 7
Tuesday August 30
Tuesday October 25

Sunday August 7, 2-4pm


Northholm Grammar School location

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